Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

Hey Guys,

I had my 10th(!!!!!) treatment yesterday - only TWO more (man, I can practically taste freedom). However, I've been feeling a lot more sick than usual... Sunday, I was super nauseous all day (which is unusual, because I don't generally get sick from my first treatment, and it had been almost a week since chemo...). Monday, I woke up STILL sick and was feeling pretty nauseous all through chemo (which only lasted about 2 hrs - thank God!) and came home realllllly nervous I was going to throw up in the car (I made it - whew!)

When I got home, my mom made some really delicious baked chicken with some pasta with mushrooms & spinach (sooo good for my poor tummy) and I spent the rest of the evening on the couch with TWO cat nurses. They don't particularly make it any better (actually they make it a lot hotter!) but they're sweet and the purring is comforting...

This morning, I was definitely still sick - I was disappointed because last cycle I had felt fine this Tuesday. I ended up not making it to my Song Lit class (which sucks because I love my professor!) but I did make it to my piano lesson. I enjoy my piano lessons a whole lot - my teacher is either a grad student or a doctoral candidate who's only a few years older than I am. She's really understanding and fun to talk to, so it makes me want to practice more than usual! I have another lesson Thursday (a makeup), and I'm hoping I'll be able to make it to my lesson on Tuesday even if my counts are low (I'm thinking it will be OK since it's a one-on-one situation...)

I'm going to go lay down some more now - I went out for dinner and now my stomach is turning! I'm crossing my fingers that I'll make it to the end of my treatment without ever throwing up, but yesterday's treatment isn't making it easy!

Also, my veins are kind of burning from the doxorubycin... it's making my chest feel really tight, which is NOT helping with the nausea. My whole chest just has this terrible feeling in it (like there's something wrong with my veins - I'm assuming that's just residual chemo still hanging around) and that's part of the reason I'm feeling so nauseous... UGH!

Lots of Love,


  1. Ooooo weird that you can feel your veins. It sounds rather uncomfortable.

    If you do go to your lesson with your counts low, be sure to wash your hands afterwards! Lots of other people have touched those keys and it would be no good to get sick at this stage :) Feel better!

  2. you can practically taste freedom. and i guess every one else here can practically taste a bir fat party.. :P.

  3. Blurgh to the sickness! Hopefully you are feeling a wee bit better today?

  4. Hi Lauren,

    Definitely sorry to hear you're feeling sick.
    :( Only two more to go, you are SO CLOSE! Have you tried taking extra anti-nausea meds? I didn't need them, except in the beginning, but I always had them close by, just in case. You really are close to the end! Easy for me to say, now that I'm done, but it will be over before you know it. That is my sincere wish and prayer for you! Stay strong. You will be fine. <3 <3