Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Hey Guys,

Well, it ended up being a pretty good weekend, despite the fact that I'm not really allowed to leave.

Yesterday I pretty much just hung out around the house, and finally motivated myself to finish the last couple of essays I had to read for my Thesis research. I still have to type all of the notes onto my computer, though... that's going to take awhile...

Last night Arielle came over with some chips & a bottle of wine and we spent the evening watching movies featuring the one and only Johnny Depp - Chocolat and Secret Window - two VERY different movies! When we were in middle school and high school, we used to have groups of girls over all the time and have Johnny Depp nights. We'd rent as many of his movies as we thought we could watch in a night and then stay up as late as we could eating nachos and gossiping. Unfortunately, Arielle and I (and Megan, but she was out of town) are the only ones still in Cincinnati, so it ended up just being just the two of us. We made the nachos, and my mom brought us some DELICIOUS special-edition Hot Chocolate flavored ice cream. SO GOOD!

This morning, my mom made an AMAZING brunch - quiche, goetta (a sausage-like breakfast meat, for those of you not from the Cincinnati area), coffee cake - and my grandparents came over. My mom got out her good china and made Kona coffee (my dad ordered it straight from Hawaii for her) and mimosas, and my grandma brought some berry trifle that was so sweet it was like dessert. It was super fancy, and we ended up eating and eating for about two hours, and still had enough food left over for the next few weeks! We're going to be having delicious breakfasts for a long time now...

I'm going in tomorrow EARLY to get more blood work done, and I'm crossing my fingers so hard that my counts will be high enough to go to class. Not only am I starting to be bored out of my mind, I'm also really worried about missing so many lectures - especially orchestration, because I know absolutely NOTHING about what I'm doing in that class. Even with reading the book, I'm still confused - some things you can only learn by demonstration. It's kind of like math in that way... yikes.

Anyway, they just redid a house at the end of our street that's been empty for... I don't even know how long! There's an open house going on right now, so of course my mom and I are going to check it out...

Lots of Love,


  1. thanks for the reply. but what is the point of seeing houses now. since the would be sold off sooner than an year or two?