Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Flu Has Hit Our House... *UPDATED!*

Hey Guys,

Well... It's happened! The flu has hit my house... poor Brian was feeling a little sick yesterday, but has barely gotten out of bed today. He woke up with a fever and an achy body, and sounds terrible. My mom has kind of put him in a quarantine in his room and spend the whole day sanitizing the house so I won't pick it up... I feel bad that he's shut-in, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind much because he says he's feeling pretty lousy. My dad did take him out to pick out a few DVDs from Blockbuster, so they've been hanging out in his room eating chinese takeout and watching Year One.

My mom and I got out of the house for a little bit today to run some errands - we have a waterfall in our backyard, and she's been wanting a pair of rainboots to make it easier to get in the waterfall and clean out the algae. We ended up at DSW and she found the most adorable pair of rainboots with little chocolates all over them (perfect for my mom - she LOVES chocolate!) We also stopped by Dick's to peruse the clearance racks for a tank top and some tiny track shorts for Brian's Halloween costume (everyone tells him he looks like Michael Cera, so he and a friend are going as Juno and Paulie Bleeker). We found a pair of shorts for him, as well as some ADORABLE knit hats to cover my bald head now that it's getting cold out. I've been on a hunt for the perfect hat, and I can't believe I found them at a sporting goods store of all places! One is a thick turquoise knit and the other is dark grey with big purple polka dots and a puff on the top.

Finally, THIS:

is for sale... Andy Warhol's portrait of Michael Jackson. It's expected to get between $500,000 and $700,000 at auction... anyone want to pitch in? I'm pretty sure it would look amazing in my apartment...

Lots of Love,


  1. i liked the hats, looks really cute. i was looking for good monkey caps that i could wear when i go for my jogs. its suppose to be winter here. but its hot as hell. so the sport stores dont have em yet. and it seems its out of fashion according to a few places. thank you global warming. i saw your tweet of that portrait. ahh.. it would had been cool to get it. but then.. 700 grand is a lot of money. and surely it aint gonna stop there. hope you dont get the flu.

  2. Love the hats!
    The blue one looks a lot like one I made with my handspun yarn (only mine is not dyed, just natural wool colored). I need to get working on a hat or two for David. I bought some nice denim colored wool yarn to make him a hat. It is still nice out here in the desert, but it will get windy soon, and the winds can get biting cold. He has yet to lose hair, but he's only had one infusion. Next one is on Nov. 2nd. (if you need another hat, and don't mind waiting a bit, I'll gladly make you one. You've already been a great help to me)