Friday, August 14, 2009

Well, Hello, Ginger Ale & Saltines!

Hey Guys,

Man... by this point after my "Day 1" treatment, I'm usually ready to hop out of bed and go about my day. Today, though, I was hit with another wave of nausea, achy joints, and an all-over sense of uneasiness. They weren't wrong about the side effects becoming more and more intense each time (and by they I mean basically everyone I've talked to...) For some reason, I'm also having a lot of trouble typing. Sometimes I'll think one word and when I look at the screen, a completely different word is there. I suppose this is another aspect of the chemo brain? Or maybe my hands are just better writers than my brain is...

In other news, I bought a couple of study guides for the GRE exam the other day. As a voice major, I hadn't ever really thought about taking it, but since my internship, I've totally changed my track. Yes, I still want to be involved in the Arts, but in a much less hands-on way. I spoke with Marcus at the Cincinnati Opera, and I've decided I'm going to apply for an Arts Admin master, which is, obviously, much more academic than a performance degree. I need to score well to make up for my less-than-stellar GPA (not horrible, just not awesome) if I want to get into IU or CCM or anywhere close to Cincinnati so I can stick around for scans, etc. Of course, I would prefer something in New York or the West Coast. That had been my original plan - take a year and teach English in France, then come back and go to school (or find a job) on the West Coast. Probably not going to happen for awhile now...

And now, I leave you with two things: little test of your verbal skills, and a photographic surprise!

eulogy : praise
euphemism : expression
threnody: song
benediction : blessing
lamentation : joy

Now, Winnie looks adorable (she's trying to steal my necklace...) I, however, have somehow managed to develop a double chin at this angle... Yikes...

First person to send me a right answer to my little verbal puzzle, I'll send you... something...

Lots of Love,


  1. Lauren,

    First, thanks for your note on my blog the other night. Second, you are gorgeous with or without hair and at any angle. Third, I chuckled reading your blog as it seems we have very similar takes on the shitstorm that is our life right now. I too need to read Kairol's book and will check out your cancer diet book. My favorite so far is Anti-Cancer. Be well and I can't wait to see pictures of both of us with hair again!


  2. Your blog is a source of inspiration for many.....keep blogging :) Wishing you all the best for your GRE!

  3. dude is it eulogy : praise?

    i am so going to have to study.

    i miss you!

  4. @meam thanks for the compliment & the good wishes! i'm going to need them, haha

    @arielle we're going to need to study together. haha... ugh.

  5. Have you talked with your doctor about the teaching abroad thing? I bet you could work something out to where you'd still be able to go. Your health is important, but it shouldn't hold you back from doing the things you really want to do. And at least France has really good health care!

  6. @Holly - I'm probably going to apply for the program (the application comes out in October) to see if I can still qualify with a "health issue"... if I somehow get in, then I'm definitely going to talk to my doctor and see what she says...