Monday, August 10, 2009


Hey Guys,

I know I just posted like... 45 minutes ago or so, but I just had to get this off my chest. As you all know, one of the things I'm most sad about with this treatment is that I can't return to BW until the spring semester. I just got even more sad when I received Bryan Bowser's email about the part-time job opportunity with Apollo's Fire (a fantastic Cleveland Baroque music group). The internship I had this summer was officially called the "Rehearsal Department Intern," but Stephanie, who I was interning under, is Cincinnati Opera's Production Coordinator. The job with Apollo's Fire is to be their Production Coordinator, and is being offered to Conservatory students in the Cleveland area. I'm so sad that their season starts in October, and I really can't even apply for the job since the earliest I can possibly be back in Cleveland full-time would be the end of November (and that would be pushing it).

Missing out on the opportunity made me feel especially down since I've decided to apply for Arts Administration Master's programs for next year, and I feel like I absolutely need more experience if I want to be accepted into a high-level program. This job (even part-time) would be such a wonderful experience.

Thanks for listening, everyone, and I'll be back soon (though... not in 45 minutes...)

Lots of Love,


  1. Hey, that's all right. There will be other opportunities! You are exceptionally talented, and schools will definitely see that.

    Is there a good time of day to call you? I'd love to talk to you, but it's usually about midnight by the time I think of it.

  2. Oh.... I feel sorry for you!! Don't be sad please. Cause there is always light hiding behind the darkness.. Just wait for it to come in front!! Hope you will recover very, very soon.
    Take Care.

  3. thanks for your support, guys... and M Riyadh Sharif - you're so right. I always have to remember that things always happen for a reason (even if it might not be clear right away!