Saturday, August 8, 2009

Before I Forget...

Hey Guys,

I wanted to post this quickly before I forget - I've been starting to get Chemo Brain and I've been forgetting things A LOT (even more than usual - I know that's hard to believe!)... for example, this morning I asked my mom twice within five minutes if she wanted to share some bacon at breakfast...

Anyway, I came across this when I was doing some reading on a Lymphoma information site (if you have any questions I haven't answered in my posts and for some reason you don't want to ask, definitely check out that site... it's got some of the most detailed info I've found on the web! But seriously - you should feel free to ask me ANYTHING)... I've definitely gotten off topic, and I wanted to share a really great e-card site with you all. These cards are hilarious! I love the humor - I saved some of the pictures to my iPhoto, and they totally give me a lift when I'm feeling bad. Check this one out - it's one of my favorites:
That's all for now, but you'll hear from me again soon! Also, a HUGE thanks to Dennis Pyritz from for adding me to his blogroll as a resource for other Hodgkin's patients... I'm so happy to (hopefully) be able to help other people!

Lots of Love,


  1. I love things and people that still see humour in horrid things :)

    Love those ecards :) It is a great idea.

    I got so fed up of looking for the right image when writing about the mum in hospital that I started doodling my own. She gets a kick out of them too.

    Anytime you want a doodle let me know, would love to.

  2. I really admire strong ladies like you.

  3. thanks, selbon, that really great to hear. i'm glad you enjoyed :-)