Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm not on Chemo, I'm the Cutting-Edge of Fashion

Hey Guys,

So my eyelashes have been thinning a bit, but the fantastic people at Dior have been keeping that pretty much unnoticeable (best mascara EVER). My eyebrows seem basically intact, but just in case they end up falling out, I wanted to point you all in this direction. If/when they come out, I'm on the cutting edge of the makeup trends. The "no-eyebrow" look is apparently all over the runways and print ads - Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Prada all featured eyebrow-less models for the Fall 2009 shows. Woohoo!

Also, I generally love to watch Bravo - Real Housewives, Top Chef, The Fashion Show - I love them all. However, I'm severely disappointed by NYC Prep and Miami Social. And they're on all the time! (sorry, just turned on the TV and Miami Social was on. They're driving me crazy. I should turn the channel...)

In a "side-effects update," so far I've been feeling pretty awesome today (knock on wood). I only had to take one kytril for nausea this morning (more of a precaution than anything else), but I'll probably be able to rely on zofran for the rest of the day. The kytril's really expensive and hard to get from the insurance company, so I need to stock it up for next week's treatment.

Finally, any advice about scarves? I've got a TON of beautiful silk scarves (lots of them hand-dyed) that people have given me or that I bought at Summerfair in anticipation of being bald. Since it's so hot, I haven't been wearing them on my head, but would love some more suggestions. Claire sent me a twitter link to tying headscarves, but I'd also love some advice about tying some of the bigger ones into skirts, shirts, or dresses... share the love, my fashionable friends!

Lots of Love,

ps what do you think of the new purple theme? I just found out the "Purple Ribbon" is for Hodgkin's, so I thought I'd change up the page colors a little bit to represent that :-)


  1. I've watched a couple minutes here and there of NYC Prep. We weren't like that in high school, were we? Good god those girls drive me insane. I've never bothered to watch Miami Social, because I get enough of Miami living here haha!

    I love your new banner "I fight like a girl!"

  2. Hey - I'm all for the no eyebrow look! I'm impressed that I know such a trendsetter - not even outta the Prada runway gates.

    I was getting hooked on WifeSwap. I loved how they paired opposites. I couldn't believe the EXTREMES in how some people raised their children - some were lazy monsters and others were slaves.

    I only saw Real Housewives of Atlanta - that was enough for me - lol! I watched it for Eric Snow and his wife (Snow used to play for the Cavs). And, Anderson Cooper admitted he was hooked and loved NeNe - I dug her, too!

    With a new husband, I've been watching - and enjoying - American Chopper, the Deadliest Catch and the new Swords (swordfish fishing) which debuted last night. Saw my first episode of The Colony last night and may just watch it again.

  3. You write well, and chemo must be a scary prospect, but it seems as though you're doing a good job of putting others at ease who might be going through the same thing.

    You sound like you're a real trooper. All the best and keep up the good work.

  4. I sooo love the title of your blog. Hang in there my dear and keep filling your head with bad - er... I mean good TV.


  5. Holly - God, I hope not... I don't remember ANYONE being like that at our high school... maybe we just weren't rich and abandoned by our parents enough... Also so jealous of the move to Miami! My friend Orestis just moved there & is working in the spa at some fancy hotel...

    Charlene - thanks for the suggestions! I used to watch WifeSwap when I was living in my apartment! Sooo funny (but sometimes depressing!)

    Kate - thanks for your comment. Putting people (originally my friends, but now all my readers) at ease is the entire reason I started this blog!

    Kairol - Thanks so much! Haha my mom was like "you called it what?!?" I absolutely love your blog, and popped into the bookstore last night to find your book because I actually wanted to write a post about you! I'm so glad you had a look and left me a comment!

  6. Hi Lauren,

    Found your blog through your comment on mine. I love your spirit and you blog. I read down a bit and saw the part about the wig. Glad you got a good one. I got two and they weren't any good. They were too heavy and uncomfortable, so I always wore a scarf or baseball hat. Keep up the great work. I'll check back in on you.

  7. I've been reading and your blog nearly brings me to tears. Sorry, no scarf advice.