Friday, August 14, 2009


Hey Guys,

Great news! Well... don't get too excited, it's not cancer-related... but it is awesome-related! After months and months and months of procrastination, Tyler and I have FINALLY booked a hotel for New Year's Eve in New York City! We've been talking about it since before I was diagnosed, and once I was diagnosed, we were afraid that we wouldn't be able to make it anymore! However, since I'm supposed to be finishing up my treatments in mid-November (keep your fingers crossed!) I should be feeling good enough to take the trip! We've booked four days, three nights at the Edison Hotel on 47th between 8th & Broadway. It's a wonderfully-reviewed Deco hotel built in 1931. It looks so beautiful! I can't even believe that we found a room for a decent rate for New Year's weekend. I was sure everything would be full or sky-high! Especially right on Times Square...

I'd been feeling pretty crappy all day... I've had basically no appetite, and every time I think of something I want to eat, it's on my list of "bad foods." I almost started crying in Servatii's Bakery this afternoon because all I wanted to eat was a grilled cheese sandwich. Moments like that I feel like a little kid, or like I'm losing my mind. A 22-year-old girl shouldn't be crying about not being allowed to have grilled cheese!

Anyway, booking this hotel has made me feel so much better! Now I have a post-chemo celebration planned! Plus, Tyler will have just turned 21, so New Year's is the perfect time for us to take a trip! we just have to figure out how we're going to get there...

Here's the lobby... Beautiful!

I can't wait!

Lots of Love,

ps apparently there are some problems with posting comments on here... I'm going to try to figure it out ASAP because I love hearing from you guys (I can't even post comments to myself under my Google account name!)


  1. Lauren,
    Congrats! That sounds like a blast.

    I absolutely love your positive vibe! You got it going on girl!!!! :)

    Your friend,
    Bring Back Pluto

  2. you are such a brave lady... Keep it up!

  3. hi just wanted to say i think your attitude is fab, considering the stuff you have to go through
    you're a fighter
    and an inspiration to everyone
    lv Becky