Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Think I Scare the Freshmen...

Hey Guys,

I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day, and I was telling her something that I've noticed since I've been back. I think I scare the freshmen in the conservatory. Not in an "AHHH!!!" terrified kind of way, but more like a "WTF is going on with that girl?" kind of way. I mean, I've got this super, super short haircut, triple-pierced ears, and I'm generally either wearing a big faux-fur coat my mom gave me for Christmas or a black wool trench coat and some kind of crazy hat. Also, usually I'm wearing giant earrings that are down to my shoulders. AND I wasn't around last semester. AND people still get excited every time they see me - professors, kids, accompanists - people are constantly shrieking & hugging me when I walk down the hall (which, by the way, is kind of nice haha). So, basically, I think I'm really freaking the freshmen out. Oh, well...

Anyway, I've been cooking LOTS of really good food for myself - I'm trying not to eat/buy anything processed... as much fresh, organic food as I can get, and I'm trying to make a lot of it myself at home instead of eating as often as I used to, and lots and lots of fruit and iced green tea. I want to try to make sure I've gotten ALL of the chemicals out of my body before I let myself eat too much junk again!

Also, I've been noticing that some of my arm hairs are doing weird things... like... getting really long & curly?!?!? I'm guessing those are the ones that clung to life during my treatments so they're all weird. I'm glad they're blonde & hoping they'll fall out and be normal, because if they keep growing like this it'll be really bizarre. My leg skin seems to be reacting weirdly to having hair again - I've been having to exfoliate my legs A LOT because the hair on my legs keeps growing in just under the top layer of skin, not so much like an ingrown hair, just like it can't quite make it through that last teeny bit. It's really annoying.

Check out my hair! Haha, the back is kind of growing into some weird swoop in the back. I bet it always grew like that but I just could never tell. I also kind of have a little bit of a cowlick on the front right side. Not sure if that was always there, either, but it's popping the front of my hair up in a funny way. I guess this means no bangs for me (not that I'm really disappointed by that). It looks thicker in these pictures than it really it, it's still pretty thin, maybe a little bit thicker, but you can definitely still see my scalp somewhat. Not as thin as I thought it would be, but still not particularly thick. And fuzzy. As fuzzy as 1/2" long hair can be... I kind of like it this short, but I definitely want it to get long enough to see what kind of a curl it has! I'm considering getting a trim over Spring Break in March, but we'll see how much it grows before I make an appointment!

Lots of Love,


  1. you are looking well, i think the attention has got to do with that model/fashonista look you had written about the last time.. its working :D>>. i really miss cooking. actually baking. i really need to get back to all that =P~

  2. Haha, oh no! Those poor freshmen... The hair definitely looks cute, though. You're fortunate that you can pull it off! BTW, I'm sure you've seen some of my posts on FB of stuff I make... if you want any recipes, just let me know I'm happy to pass them on! A lot are family recipes that my mom spent several months typing up and emailing to me. It was pretty awesome, actually, as I now have a binder full of family recipes! So anyway, if you want recommendations, let me know :)

  3. Did you get the all over fuzz?
    When my hair started growing back from total body bald I had a blonde down all over my skin. It was on the "insides" of my forearms, my shoulders, the tops of my feet and my face - my whole face!
    It reminded me of babies when they're born and just like a newborn it all wore off after a few weeks of scrubbing and living.
    ... but you can imagine my horror at blonde fuzzy cheek bones!
    Luck with the curly arm hair and noggin - respectively:)

  4. Yay for eating fresh organic food! Never go back, there is so much crap in the modern diet. My worst side effect from chemo was heat, cold sweats, and insomnia. I work for ChiliTechnology so I started using one of these and it was a great help to me: ChiliPad (it's a mattress pad that lets you cool the bed down to any temperature you set - it has a range from 46 to 118 degrees). I also went on an all organic macrobiotic diet, which really helped with detoxing from the chemo (and I've never gone off the diet, because I feel better eating this way than I did before cancer). The other thing I did that was really important to my healing was watch tons of stand-up comedy. I really believe laughter is the best medicine.

  5. Just stumbled across your blog(s). Am currently in the thick of my own lymphoma 'adventure'. Am loving the colours and vibrancy of your pgf blog.
    So great to read about what happens after chemo etc...