Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cropped Hair Inspiration

Hey Guys,

Here's  a quick hair/scar update - my hair's getting significantly longer and somewhat thicker. Once it finally starts thickening up a lot, I think I'm going to keep it pretty short. I'm really liking how fast I can shower and the fact that I can wear cute hats and big earrings without worrying about messing up my hair or covering up my earrings...

Look how much my scar has faded - you can just barely see it now. The necklace that I wear every day usually falls just over it anyway (I moved it to get a better view)

Finally, I wanted to share this photo with you, courtesy of Garance Doré's street fashion website. I love the haircut!

I have sunglasses & a dress similar to that ( the back isn't so low cut) - too bad I don't live near a beach...

Lots of Love,


  1. those are cool!!! you need to get those giant glasses to complete the look!!!

  2. I really do like your hair this short, too :) You can totally pull it off.

    I just read your anxiety post. I hope things get better soon and remember, your family is just a couple hours away if you need them. And maybe you can come visit Miami sometime so you have a beach to wear your short hair and cute dress to ;)

  3. ooh i love this photo, what a striking look. your current hair style looks almost identical!

    i understand that shorter hair wasn't a choice for you initially but you have such a beautiful face that you are one of the few people who can rock the cropped look.

    i'm loving undercuts on the side of short hair with elaborate earrings, girls who suit that kind of hairstyle can wear a white tee and still look edgier than most.

    love & luck,


  4. You look great with short hair! Rock it girl!