Friday, February 12, 2010

Uh Oh...

Hey Guys,

I ended up back in the ER on Tuesday morning... My cough had been gone for a few weeks, but it started up a little bit again on Sunday. By Tuesday I had a sore throat and a fever, and since I was 4 hours away from Dr. Adams and the clinic, Lisa told me to head on over to the urgent care near my apartment. I had a little bit of a breakdown in the waiting room, and I was crying while I was checking in and getting my BP done, so my pulse was SUPER high. They were all really nice to me, though, and immediately brought me back to my own room since I'm still "immunocompromised." I had come prepared with a bunch of magazines, so I was pretty comfortable in my room.

The doctor (well, med student/intern guy) came back pretty fast - and he was SO cute. Definitely the cutest doctor I've ever had, and definitely Grey's Anatomy/ER worthy. I was wishing I'd fixed myself up a little for the trip (dumb, I know!) and it made me feel a little better!

I ended up being there for about 3-4 hours, so it was such a bad visit. I had a chest x-ray and bloodwork done, plus an H1N1 test and a strep test. It turns out I have bronchitis that had gotten pretty bad pretty fast, so I got send home with a Z-pack of antibiotics and some more codeine for my cough.

I spent the rest of Tuesday and all of Wednesday in bed, and drove home Thursday morning, which is where I am until early Monday (I have a French class on Monday and can't afford to miss another class, it's SO HARD!)

My hair's coming in pretty well, and I'll post some more pictures soon! We're going to a Gala for my old high school drama department tonight (Brian's singing and some of my friends will be there) so I'll definitely have pictures!

Lots of Love,


  1. Awww,
    Lauren I'm really sorry to hear about the bronchitis and hospital time. No fun...except for the cute doctor, part, perhaps. STILL. I hope you feel all better very very soon and that your class goes well. Love!!


  2. That's crappy news Lauren. I hope you feel better soon. Hope you update and let everyone know how you are doing.

  3. Hi Lauren,
    I should have read your blog before I emailed you a long note - as I can now read what you've been up to. Anyway, it's lovely to see the pics. Sorry about being back in hospital - hopefully resolved very soon. Good luck about the cute Dr though, did you ask him out?? Good luck with school and keep going to your counsellor, it will help heaps.
    Talk soon,

  4. That sucks you had to go back to the ER. While you were in the ER, I was also in the hospital for a week. Hope you're feeling better!

  5. Hope you are on the mend now, sorry I have been such a lazy commenter, but have been reading operation hair growth in my feed reader xxxxxxxx