Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still Sick...

Hey Guys,

I'm still feeling pretty sick from yesterday, which is worrying me about next week's treatment. I think a lot of it has to do with me thinking about it too much, and maybe a little bit of a punishment for me being so excited about being finished!

Today my mom & I got to have lunch with our friend Sarah, who works for Children's. We've known her for a long time, and she had Hodgkin's when she was about my age (she's in her late 20's now) and just had her first baby six weeks ago! She brought him to breakfast with her, and he's so adorable and extremely well-behaved - he hardly made a sound the entire time, and basically slept (with a few little quiet wake-ups). He looks like her, too - his hair is strawberry blondish (what hair he has) and she thinks it looks like it might end up being curly. I love babies, but I definitely wouldn't be ready to take care of one full-time right now. Babysitting is always fun, though...

I got to go to class today, but I was feeling really drowsy, so I can't really remember much of what we talked about - I'm glad I always take really detailed notes, and that my final is going to be awhile after my last treatment so I can kind of regain my focus. I miss not having trouble remembering lots of details in my history classes! Although, I have been getting A's on all of my exams and essays in my French Civ class - I'm a little worried about my German Song class because the entire grade is based off of the oral final at the end of the semester. I think I'll do OK though. I really love history, so it's never too much of a chore to study for my history classes.

I had kind of a bad piano lesson - I hadn't practiced as much as I should have, and I haven't been practicing the way I should have been. We spent most of the lesson playing through just a few measures, and my teacher gave me a new way to practice that should make my practicing more efficient and productive. I have to play in a studio class in early December, so I really need to start practicing more every day so I can play well in the class. My teacher's assigned me a song I really like, so that's not too bad. I think we need to get our piano tuned, though, because (even though my relative pitch is very off) it sounds so much different when I play in my lessons or the CCM practice rooms vs playing on the piano at home. I used to practice on Brian's keyboard, but then he got the flu, so I'm not really supposed to go in his room much, and I prefer to play a "real" piano anyway - it's easier to make songs sound more musical (at least for me)

Hope you all are well with the beginning of flu season!

Lots of Love,


  1. Hang in there. I keep you in my prayers. My sister-in-law is undergoing treatment and she has had a rough go of it. this is her second bout with this dreadful disease. Be strong and keep practicing your piano. :)

  2. hi! its been a while since i read your posts, i got busy.

    btw, everthing will be fine, and my prayers are with you. :)

    have a lovely day!