Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hey Guys,

My hair's been growing pretty fast! The cowlick on the right side is kind of making my hair grow in an Elvis 'do, but I guess it makes things a little interesting!

it's also starting to just get long enough to curl a tiny tiny bit - I can't wait til it gets long enough to really start curling! It's still pretty thing, but I'm still crossing my fingers that it'll thicken up eventually... I think right now it kind of looks like little down feathers...

Lots of Love,


  1. Looks like its coming a long great!

  2. Looks great. I bet it won't be long before you are brushing your lovely long locks.

  3. Hm...honestly, your hair tots looked normal and thick and even when I saw you yesterday. Don't worry about it - you always looks gorgeous, however you do your hair! :D

  4. Yay!!!! I am happy for you Lauren. It's true, you are naturally beautiful, I agree with the blog commenter above. You have a very royal looking neck/face shape :)

  5. With your short hair and long neck in those pictures, you look like a swan chick.

  6. Only a really beautiful woman can rock such a sweet do. I LOVE it and wouldn't blame you if you wanted to keep it short!!

  7. Lauren,
    Your hair looks beautiful, I love the waves. How many weeks out from your last chemo is this? Lyd's got two treatments to go, one this Thursday and then one the following fortnight. She CANT't WAIT! She's worried about how long for her hair to look okay to go without the wig. What do you think, assuming it grows at the same rate as yours. She has fairly thick hair. She worries more about her eyebrows and eyelashes than anything.
    Hope you are feeling great.
    Love Jacinta xx

  8. You look beautiful with your hair like this! I love your blog(:

  9. Wonderful blog Lauren. I wish the very best of everything for you x

  10. Lauren - I can't believe how fast your hair is growing!!!!! Based on my old pictures, I didn't get the length that you have here until nearly 5 months post chemo! I love the short hair on you - you wear it really well!

    Looking forward to catching up soon!

    Sarah Sullivan

  11. I just showed my mom this post and she said "Tell her she looks amazing with short hair!" And you do :)

    You've been MIA. Where are you? I miss your posts here and on your other blog...

  12. You really do need to update your blog and let everyone see how beautiful you look!