Friday, March 19, 2010

New Hair!

Check out my new hair!!!


  1. it has such a lovely 20's flapper vibe, too!

  2. Wow! Makes me want to cut mine really short. Looks fabulous!

  3. looking cool miss supermodel :)

  4. I love it! Isn't having short hair fun? I feel so pixie-ish. It looks fantastic on you, and I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I've just spent some time reading through your recent posts, watching your hair grow, watching you blend back into society.

    I'm almost 3 weeks out from my final chemo. Still no hair and already feeling the way you did in your 6-weeks-out post (maybe it will never grow back... mine was Taxotere, so there actually is a chance it won't but I just remind myself I'm such a hairy beast it would likely take more than Taxotere to stop my hair)

    Wishing you continued healing, good health and happiness!