Thursday, July 30, 2009

who knew?

Hey Guys,

So today I was browsing CNN and MSN as I usually do when I'm bored (which is often) and I came across this article...

I had no idea that there were so many hilarious blogs out there documenting twentysomethings with cancer. I was THRILLED to come across it, thrilled that there were links to the blogs, and even more thrilled that there's an entire social networking site for people in their twenties who have/have had cancer... it's called, and I just joined, so I'm not entirely sure what it's about - I need to do some exploring.

I've been reading through some of the other blogs, and it's really cool (kind of crappy, but still cool) to see similar experiences with the nausea, the drugs, etc... they also make me realize how "lucky" I am to hang Hodgkin's instead of something else.

In other news, I've discovered that little girls and really cute guys are fascinated by my bald head. Little girls (in the 3-7 year old range) love to stare, but not in a mean way... it's like they're trying to figure out what's going on... like... "ok... that person is wearing a dress, makeup, and heels... but they have no hair..." I've started waving and smiling, which usually gets a big grin and a wave in response, sometimes with an apologetic look from the mom. I don't mind - I kind of like being bald (it's a lot cooler in the heat and humidity of southern Ohio), and I think little girls should know it's ok to look different! I love standing out - first the bright red hair, now no hair at all. And the cute guys - I have absolutely no problem with them staring. I keep getting hit on (not creepily) by really attractive guys. Why did I never have this problem when I had hair?

Now that I'm done working, I think I'm going to start writing on here more. Lots is going on!

Lots of Love,

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  1. There's also a website called CaringBridge that hosts blogs to "support and connect loved ones during critical illness, treatment and recovery." (Their words) One of my professors used it with breast cancer, and now one of my sisters' best friends uses it with ovarian cancer.