Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Done with Day 1

Hey Guys!

I got home from the hospital MUCH earlier than I expected Monday and so far I'm feeling pretty much fine.

I have some pictures that I will upload later today, but I've been getting texts/facebook messages so I wanted to give everyone a quick message to let you all know that everything went well!

Before I load the pictures and let you guys know what all went on Monday (I'm waiting to get my mom's camera from her so I can upload said pictures), there is something that I want to share...

I mentioned briefly before that Dr. Adams (my oncologist) had decided to change my course of treatment based on a newly-completed study at Vanderbilt - it hasn't been published yet, but over the loooooong course of study, they found a new treatment that had a 98% success without relapse rate for patients who had almost the exact same stage and location of Hodgkin's that I do.

Unfortunately, this treatment is much more spread out - instead of the three 21-day cycles I had originally been planning (which would get me back to school on time in the fall), I now have to do six 28-day cycles (which means I'm going to be missing fall semester at BW). As much as this sucks, I'm glad it has such a high success rate, but I'm going to miss all of you BW and Oberlin people A LOT so PLEASE feel free to come visit whenever. Since I'll only have two "in hospital" treatments a month (on days 1 and 8 of each cycle), I'm hoping to be able to come up and spend a week or so at a time with you guys up there so I don't miss out on too much of my super-senior year...

I wanted to give you all an update on that, and there will be more about my hospital visit soon!


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