Monday, June 29, 2009

Hair, Hair Everywhere

Hey Guys!

Two big things... I got my wig, and I decided to cut all of my hair off...

I went to Allusions on Friday and picked up the wig that I had ordered two weeks ago - it was supposed to look pretty much like my hair - red and curly, with a little bit of brown at the roots.

When I got there, the hairdresser (wig dresser?) piled all of my hair under a wigcap with a LOVELY chipstrap underneath :

As much as I loved this look, I REALLY wanted to try on the wig.

It was so weird seeing it being carried around and laying on a table - it kind of looked like a little animal.

Anyway, the wig was so soft! It feels just like hair (probably because it's made out of human hair) and the scalp is a little latexy feeling so it was pretty much like skin.

When she put the wig on, I could believe it! It was damp when I tried it on, and at the time it looked just like my hair (when it was wet) - it fit perfectly as well... It was a little puffy on top because it couldn't sit right against my scalp (because I'm not bald yet), but otherwise it didn't even look like a wig!

The wig dresser did a little bit of trimming so the ends would be even, but I decided that I wanted it to be a little bit longer than it has been recently (more like my hair always has been), and that I'll probably have it cut shorter once my hair starts to grow back.

We were really happy with it, and all was well until we got home and it dried completely. I was at work, but my mom was keeping an eye on it and noticed that when it was dry, it was a little off.

We had agreed that they would do a pretty bright red (like my hair normally is) for the all over color and a little bit of brownish (my natural color) for a little bit of root... It had looked like that in the salon, but when it was dry, my mom noticed that they had confused the colors - the base was brown and the roots were red. Also, it had been wavy when it was damp - much like my hair is. I'd assumed that as it dried, it was going to curl up (like my hair does). However, that wasn't the case - it stayed wavy.

I called the salon back and they told me they'd do what they could to fix it - I have another appointment on Thursday so they can hopefully re-color and curl it... More on that when it happens!

Saturday was a big day as well! I had decided that once I had my wig, I was going to cut my hair short so that when it started falling out for real (it started falling out a little bit a few days ago, but has kind of stopped for the moment) it would be less traumatizing and messy. Instead of going and paying for a haircut, I decided that I'd have my mom give me a buzz haircut.

I called a couple of my friends who live closeby - Molly, who I've been friends with since we were 1; James, who I've been friends with since high school; and James' mom, who is hilarious and friends with my mom...

My mom had wanted to make mimosas, (since it was Saturday morning) but we decided against that since I had to work that afternoon AND I wasn't sure if alcohol and haircuts should mix...

And now... here is the ridiculous mini-slideshow of photos that my dad and my brother took during the process (most of them are self explanatory)


Thanks so much to Molly & my mom for giving me what turned out to be a really fantastic haircut...

although... now that it's all cut off, it's stopped falling out! i can't imagine it's going to stay in much longer, but we'll see...

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