Monday, December 28, 2009

Six Weeks Later...

Hey Guys,

So remember how my last hair post I said that it was thin but I was assuming it would thicken up soon? That hasn't happened yet. It's probably close to 1/2" long, but still not any thicker than before (with the exception of a few random patches). I'm starting to get nervous because by this time in Brian's recovery, he had SO much more hair!!! I am, however, starting to sprout tiny baby hairs on my arms and legs (the arms is good, the legs... well, I was hoping that might miraculously stay gone!) My eyebrows and eyelashes have mostly come back in as well. My eyelashes are still pretty short, but I noticed yesterday that they were suddenly so much thicker! Maybe that'll happen with my head as well...

Has anyone else had really thin hair regrowth?? If so, what did you do about it? Did it eventually thicken up?? I've been using the Nioxin 3-step program every day, as well as taking prenatal vitamins (which are supposed to make hair & nails grow faster). I've got a lot of length, but no thickness! If it weren't so thin, I'd be totally happy with the buzz-like look...

this is how much hair I had after my buzz (and even after some of it had fallen out!) it's SO much thicker!!!

new Christmas hat - it's handmade from Peru (bought by my mom at Ten Thousand Villages - if you haven't been, you should check it out! it's an amazing fair-trade shop with locations all over!) I got another hat also, but it's in my bedroom & I have a sleeping cat on my lap... pictures of that will come soon!

let me know if anyone has any hair advice!!!

Lots of Love,


  1. WoW, Lauren, your eyes look amazing. I'm sorry, I don't have any advice about the hair. I bet it will be coming back and filling in soon tho! Happy Holidays :) <3

  2. I'm sorry that your hair isn't coming back as thick as you'd like, but I'm sure it'll get there. In the meantime, your haircut says to me, "I'm a survivor!"

  3. The Red River cereal will make your fingernails grow fast and hard so it should help your hair. Make the bread or make the muffins and add an extra tablespoon of flax seed (grind it in the coffie grinder to release the nutrients). If I did not include the recipe from the box let me know. Grandma

  4. Good idea on the prenatal vitamins, Im going to look into that.
    Im losing all mine again for treatment, but I do remember last time there were periods where nothing was happening on the lid and then all of a sudden it would start growing quickly, then stop, quickly, then stop.
    You just have to wait for a growth cycle, hair follicles march to their own drum.
    Luck & Hairyness in 2010!